The world, as we know it, is changing right before our very eyes. It is becoming less and less marginalized, and is metamorphosing into a melting pot of various backgrounds and identities. Cyprus is a small reflection of what is happening in the world on a global scaleit has fast become the hub of various nationalities and cultures from all around the world. And, it is experiencing a looming economic boom due to the effort of the locals, and the growth of the international community(from education, Tourism & foreign investments). However, with this growth in diversity, comes a rising communication gap between individuals of various groups, nationalities, organizations, and the international community in Cyprus. To be clear, this gap is not solely because of language barriers, but also due to a social disconnection between members of various groups in the community. The problem that this gap poses is that these various groups miss out on a lot of business opportunities and intercultural learning experiences that could arise from their collaborations. However, if these gaps were to be bridged, it would result in the establishment of many mutually beneficial relationships, and the ultimate outcome will be exponential growth and an even greater, more economically buoyant Cyprus.

 Noble Islander is a media and advertising company whose aim is to bridge the existing gap between various groups in Cyprus through media and advertising. We are conscious of the importance of strengthening the diverse community within Cyprus and promoting oneness. We aim to celebrate a diversified, yet unified Cyprus by fusing these different groups together. Moreover, by highlighting and celebrating various individuals, from students to business owners to locals, we will showcase the strength that this island possesses.

Furthermore, through collaborations and our social responsibility campaigns, we intend to create awareness and bring attention to certain social issues that Cyprus currently faces , and influence a behavioral change in the community.  Cyprus is a diamond in the rough, and it is our ultimate goal to contribute, towards the refining process this age-old island is currently undergoing, in our very own noble way


Just for a moment, take away everything that is meant to separate us. Take away the borders that we are confined within, geographically and mentally. Take away the barriers of race, religion, skin color, gender, sexuality, nationality, social status and culture.

What are we left with?
We are all on a similar journey, treading paths not too different from each other.
We all come from histories marked with wounds and scars, persevering towards a future filled with hope and bliss.
We all bleed crimson, breathe oxygen and believe in something.
We all seek the same kind of things, hoping to find ourselves.
We pursue happiness.
We look to find a better life.
We try to find love.. we try to love.
We aim to create bright futures for ourselves.
We want to make our families proud.
We love to put smiles on the faces of the ones we love.
We aim for success.
We strive to fit in, only to realize we were made to stand out.
We go on the road of self discovery hoping to figure out who we are.
We mourn losses, get our hearts broken, wallow in despair.
It’s human nature . At  the end of the day, beneath the masks of all that separates us, we are not all that different after all.

That is the point of this campaign. It’s a bold statement from our noble selves to YOU, dear reader, student,worker,local, business owner, whoever you are, wherever you are. that YES we may have a lot of differences, but we are more than our differences. Focusing on our inherent ‘sameness’ will unite us and make us stronger. In diversity there is beauty and there is strength. If you doubt that, just look at the picture above 😉

It has now become a cliche to cite the quote, “United we stand, divided we fall”, but could it be any more true? Focusing on the binary differences that exists between us weakens our stand, weakens our ability to progress, to make a change, to help one another, to learn from each other, and ultimately, to grow.
Just take a look at the news. There is A LOT happening in the world right now, across borders and continents; and it’s evident that we need one another now more than ever.
Of course, being that we are living in Cyprus, it would be cruel and insensitive to ignore all the past hurt that has occurred on this island(on both sides) in the hopes of trying to make a stand for unity. The gashes of past blows are still imprinted on this island, and we know that for a lot of people, it still really hurts. However, a stand for unity is in no way meant to undermine what has happened in the past. It is not meant to belittle the pain that a divided Cyprus has witnessed. But, it is meant to uphold the fact that amidst all of these uncertainty and anger, we have each other to cling unto; or at least, we should. That is the way it is supposed to be. Although we differ on several levels, we are a community. We should be ONE.

We are not responsible for the mistakes of our ancestors, neither can we take the blame or blame others for the sins of their ancestors. Their journey has ended and ours is now!
The future lies in our hands, we are the writers of this story, and we decide what happens next.
To conclude, our message is that, whatever the future holds, the ups and downs, the highs and lows, the bright and the bleak; WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER, and AS LONG AS WE ARE TOGETHER, THERE’S NOTHING WE CANNOT DO. There’s nothing we won’t overcome and there is an infinite world of possibilities to what we can become, if we believe.
Together, we can see it happen.

Noble Islander