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The Feeling Of Not Feeling
May 17, 2017
Why are they silent as we die?
May 17, 2017

We all have dreams. Some are good, some are bad and some are extremely terrible. My life is a dream so I live in a world of imaginations, spontaneity and adventures but yeah, I also have extremely terrible experiences. You know something? Sometimes I’m sitting with friends and we are having good conversations and all of a sudden, I zone out and immerse into deep thoughts which I have to snap my self out of, I’m very scared of my thoughts especially the good ones. Mainly because, the future can be scary. Being in college, there are so many things involved. Some parents think college is only about education, so they never realize that we go through a lot and it isn’t just about going from your house to your lectures and vice versa, it’s like a hierarchy. You have to go through so many rounds of difficulties to find stability and trust me, some people fall off the bandwagon. Then, after college you face “the real world”. Hmmmm. what’s really the real world? That’s a question I ask myself these days and that’s why my thoughts are not generally in my favor. Why? You ask? Because i feel the real world starts from the day you were born.The real life is a dream and, when you die you wake up. You’re literally a small human who doesn’t know the world gets messed up as the years go by, you have no clue about the experiences you have to go through to stay sane, the friends you will love and the friends you will end up cutting off, you know nothing about having ambitions or having big dreams per say. YOU ARE CLUELESS and of course, you grow to know all these things and because its a dream, it’s a continuation of scenes and we are all reaching for the same purpose in life to stay “good and become successful”. So I ask again, who stays good, doesn’t step on anyone’s toes, does everything by the law and bubble society has placed us in and becomes successful?. Listen, the dream is always the same and you know how it ends. YOU DIE. So, are you really living if you’re still surrounded by the bubble society has wrapped around you? What’s next? What’s your plan? How do you want to wake up from your dream? Alive or dead?. 

Written by

Briley Moses


Umar shalaque


Aghomi Tejiri, Briley Moses

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