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May 30, 2017
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Meet Aladin Ramadan, he is a 21 year old Lebanese DJ and student in Eastern Mediterranean University,
Cyprus. Just in case those beards look familiar, you probably recognize him as he was one of the faces from our first billboard campaign ‘We are all in This Together”  (Click link to see)

In this noble interview, we discussed what experiences he has had in Cyprus, ranging from
his first impression of the island to his current feelings about it, and even, to how Cyprus has
shaped him so far. We also delved into the world of Aladin as a musician: his
aspirations/inspirations, the challenges he faces trying to succeed in his career as a DJ here,
what he feels could be holding him back and so much more.

1. What is your name? 00  
My name is Aladin Ramadan

2. Where are you from?
I’m from Lebanon

3. How old are you?

4. What do you do?
I make music and I study advertising


5. How long have you been in Cyprus?
4 yrs

6. Is there a history behind you coming to Cyprus?
Yes, there is a history. I failed the government exam and i had to go somewhere that would
accept my high school diploma and this was the place

7. What were your expectations when coming to Cyprus?
I had so many expectations actually, like my father knew everything, but he didn’t tell me
anything. He was like you’re going to Cyprus and I’m going with you.. I’ll show you the place, I’ve
been there before..I was like ok. We came here on the plane, and you could see the desert. I was
like so where is the beach? Where is Agia Napa? Where are the parties? Dad what’s happening?
He was like ok son, I’m going to tell you something. Don’t get mad at me.. it’s divided into two parts
and you’re at the other part where there’s no party, just studying for you.

8. So basically your dad lied to you?
No not really, he didn’t lie to me. He just made me assume that I was going to a good place, and I
ended up in a good place.

9. Why do you say that?
I have been inspired here and its pretty chilled here as well

10. So at first were you disappointed?
Yeah for the first year of university, I was disappointed.

11. So what changed?
I got to know people. After meeting and hanging out with different people from different cultures
and nationalities, I started liking the place.


12. In your 4 years of being here, what changes have you noticed in Cyprus from your first few
months and now?

First I have to talk about the price, the prices for everything elevated, they didn’t just go up, they
ELEVATED. They went way up!!  Also, the people changed as well, they evolved. Everyone I’ve
known from my first year have now evolved to a better stage.

13. So are you saying Cyprus has a certain effect on people?
Yes, it does.. in a good way

14. What about you? Has Cyprus influenced you or your personality in any way?
I got my beard here that’s for one 😀 I got more confident here in Cyprus, I learnt how to socialize
and talk to other people even more. I used to be a loner in Beirut. I didn’t trust anyone. I came
here, and I met some really good people that I could open up to and talk to them ,without
judgement or anything. And everyone here is pretty supportive, and that’s amazing.

15. What made you want to be a DJ?
I wanted to be producer at first, then I learnt that Dj’ing is away of putting out your music so more
people can listen to it. So I was like yeah, if this is the way, I’ll take this way.. And for producing, i
wanted to do the music I wanted to listen to because all the music i listened to on the radio in
your friends car or family house wasn’t what I was looking for

16. What inspires you?
Other good producers.. I listen to their music and get inspired from a couple of elements,
experiment on them and make my on personalized music.. now everyone that listen to my music
says that i have my own signature with

17. Favorite musician?
Skrillax and diplo

18. How long have you been making music?


19. Has Cyprus had any impact in influencing your career as DJ?

it gave me more off time

20. What do you think is holding you back in advancing your career in Cyprus or maybe
I like this place a lot but there is no creativity here. Especially on this side of the island , there’s  no
one to talk to, like there are no agents, people seeking to invest in young talents etc
Also, most people here are closed to their own communities so they rarely go out of their lane to
search for something they really like. I did that for myself but other people don’t do that here. This
actually holds me back in a way because not a lot of people listen to the genre of music that i
make, and most people that may actually really like it are buried in their own communities

21. So basically, there are no creative minded entrepreneurs and investors that are seeking to
provide support and opportunities for young talents especially the for foreigners?


22. What do you think is the solution to this issue?
I think people should open up their mind and really look into this island. Cyprus has so much
potentials but it is very hidden.. There is a lot of talent here in almost every field but no one is
paying attention or even thinking of possibilities. In my field, I know a lot of talented artistes and
crazy producers here but nobody knows about them. No one is searching.

23. From your own point of view, how do you feel about the relationship between other nationalities?
Cyprus is very diverse but still divided. Everyone is divided into groups of their communities.
Turkish people for example, are by themselves , Lebanese are the same, and Cypriots as well.. Go
a little further, Turks and Greeks. There are a few people that actually make friends and relate
with people outside their communities. But its only a few, not the majority

24. Being an Arab in Cyprus, do you face discrimination as opposed to other countries?
Not at all, when you look at me, you can say Arab because of the beard  but the whole “Oh shit he’s with a
bomb, he’s going to explode” no, i didn’t face that here.

25. Why do you think so?
I don’t know, people here are too chilled. They don’t care about all these stuffs. When I go to talk
to someone, they won’t say, oh shit he’s an Arab. No, they think he’s a human and that’s it. That’s
what i like about this place, when you meet other people, countries are not involved.

26. Coming from a place with a certain culture and lifestyle, how do you feel about living with people whose lifestyle is different from yours? Any culture shock experiences?
I try to blend in, I can’t do anything else. This is what makes us humans, we can adapt more than
any other species, so I try to adapt. That’s it. It’s that simple

27. What about people who don’t agree with your lifestyle?
That is their opinion, I don’t really care. Me and my friends right now all have different opinions
about everything. I know what I’m doing right now like going out for interviews, blah blah is not their interest and that’ s their opinion. Why should I care? I can take creative criticisms and I can think about that and make something out of that. But, if your opinion is worthless to me, I’ll just listen to it, act like I care and
that’s it

28. Living away from home with a culture different from what you were used to back in your country, has this had made your mindset different from your mates back home?
Even when I  was in Lebanon, I had the same mindset which was different. I was pretty much a weirdo. I was friends with all my classmates but they felt that I was different. They all had their religious and political
beliefs but I didn’t. I had my own beliefs. I thought the world went in some way, and they thought
it went the other way. Even here too, but I found a lot of people that have the same views as I do
here. So yeah, I’m very much different than them, even more different now

29. What has Cyprus taught you so far?
It taught me how to cope with life.. It was way easier when I was in Beirut, I had family, friends
and anything I needed. Here, I can’t count on anyone too much for anything. There are certain
times you have to be alone, and you have to do what you have to do on your own time. Cyprus
basically taught me how to do that

30. How do you see the country in the next 10 years?
In ten years, more buildings, more people, more technology.. It will evolve way too much from
what you see now. Like now, you can easily see the beach and a lot of empty spaces, it wont be
like that anymore

31. What about the social life?
I told you about division earlier, this division is slowly been broken. People are becoming more
sociable, stepping out of their communities and meeting other people

32. What do you think Cyprus could learn from your country?
Food!! If you bring Lebanese food to Cyprus, I’ll be happy!

33. What do you think your country could learn from Cyprus?
Everything man, there are a lot of things they could learn like tolerating other types of people, I
cant list them all man it’s just too much

34. What about in one word?
Organization. This sums it up in one word. This place is way too organized that if you look for
conformity in the dictionary you’ll find north Cyprus.
Like nobody will cross a red light here, nobody will start drifting all around a round point. this is
what happens in Lebanon. If you don’t cross the red light in Lebanon, you’re not Lebanese

35. What is the one thing you would like to change about yourself?
Get taller 😀

36. If you meet a genie and have three wishes, what would you wish for?
Why did you say genie, because I’m Aladin? 😀
anyway, music talent, my girlfriend and recognition

37. What’s your definition of fun and what do you do for fun?
Spontaneity, you wake up and whatever you feel like doing, do it, that’s fun! And what i do for

fun? i like to go to the beach not just summer, winter too.. Go to the beach, swim at night and get
sick the next day. That’s fun 

38. what quote do you live by?
Be spontaneous!

39. what is the question you were expecting that I didn’t ask?
Why is your name Aladin

40. Why is your name Aladin?



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